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Canary Council
New Varieties Guidelines

  1. The new variety must have been bred for 7 years and must now breed true.
  2. Ideally a club or group should be formed
  3. A minimum number of breeders must be breeding the new variety 4-5
  4. A written standard with points scale must be produced
  5. A display of the new variety should be brought to a council meeting for the members to assess with all the permutation of the bred, i.e. Crest/plainhead yellow/buff; also not just current year birds but the stock which bred the current year birds on display. This would show that they breed true.
  6. The new variety must be different, from any other variety currently recognised by the canary council.


  • Unless all these guidelines are met the new variety can not be accepted.
  • Some varieties of current recognised breeds will not be recognised either, i.e. a red scotch or colour fed border.