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National Exhibition

Sunday, 8th October 2017

The National Exhibition is Britainís largest exhibition and sale day of caged birds and associated supplies.  The National Exhibition is held at Stafford County Agricultural Show ground, a tried and tested venue capable of holding the event successfully.  The Show opens at 9.30 am and for sat nav users the post code is ST18 0BD.  See below for entry details.

Queues Forming at Dawn - The National 2012 Bingley Hall - The National Exhibition 2012
Aviary Supplies at The National Exhibition Ample Avian suplies at The National Exhibition

The National Exhibition provides not only members of the Parrot Society UK (PSUK), but non-members as well, the perfect environment to sell surplus stock and acquire new fancies or blood lines to develop and enhance your breeding success.  The show also attracts many varied trade stands meeting your every need, whether that be nest boxes suitable for large Macaws right down to that all important treat for your pet Budgie.  Examples of trade stands normally available are as follows:

Aviary Supplies - Perch Brackets, Coupe Dishes, Brackets, Mesh of all sizes and grades, ropes etc through to Aviaries suitable for Macaws.

Seed Suppliers - Many stands selling specialist seed mixes, single seed, nuts, sprouting mixes, Pulses etc.

Cages - Many types of breeding cages suitable for small finches to African Greys, cage fronts, water baths, seed hoppers, drinkers.

Carry Boxes - all varieties of carry and transportation boxes, for small and large birds

Nest Boxes - nest pans suitable for finches through to barrel shaped ones for macaws, flat pack or ready built.

Supplements - Many specialist stands selling tonics, additives to enhance the health of your bird and increase those breeding and show results

Toys - Everything your Pet Bird requires, from pacifiers to special treats


The other aspect of The National Exhibition is of course the Exhibition itself. There are 18 specialist Bird Societies which joined with The Parrot Society in 2007 to exhibit birds to the highest of standards. Our canary clubs are exceedingly strong and very supportive to the exhibition. In 2016 there will be an award of a beautiful inscribed Rose bowl kindly donated by Ray Howells of Birds and Things for The Best Bird in Show.

The clubs that support the Exhibition are:-

London Fancy Canary Club

International Border Breeders Association

Lizard Canary Association of Great Britain

The Blue Lizard Canary Club of Great Britain

National Bengalese Fanciers Association

The Yorkshire British Bird & Hybrid Club

Canary Colour Breeders Association

South Cheshire Budgerigar Society

The Zebra Finch Society

The Parrot Society

The National Fife Fancy

The Irish Fancy International

Gloster Fancy Specialist Society

The Lovebird (1990) Society

Norwich Canary Club

The Old Varieties Canary Association

The Australian Finch Society

The Java Sparrow Society

The National Exhibition in 2017 will be held on October 8th.  For Entry details and Show prices, please see Show Information Page

All children under 16 years of age accompanied by a paying adult are free to enter.